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producing special filler metals for particular usages - Sunday, 18 August 2013 09:10 / producing special filler metals for particular usages - Sunday, 18 August 2013 09:10
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Simbon Brazing Industrial Group was founded in 1994 aiming to produce and supply different kinds of brazing alloys and fluxes for country's growing industries.
Once started with production of few and limited alloys, the comoany has gradually developed its infrastructures to produce full range of products using cutting edge technologies and constant research and development.
Now after 25 years of non stop endurance, Simbon has turned to Iran's largest manufacturer of brazing products in accordance with international standards.
The company has been proudly serving and supplying to countiry's different industries such as:
Automobile, home appliances, chandeliers industry and etc.
In 2018 to increase the production capacity and aiming for a higher export capabilities, the company added a new production facility in Abbas Abad Industrial Zone with more than 3000 square meters of production area located in a 5000 square meter premises.
Satisfactory customer service, timely delivery of the products, competitive prices, extensive guarantee services as well as non-stop quality development had always been the company's vision and mission towards the clients


Cadmium bearing alloys have the lowest brazing temperature, narrow melting range and excellent fluidity


Cadmium free brazing alloys are suitable substitutes for Cadmium bearing alloys. There are no toxic Cadmium fumes but .


Copper-Phosphorus alloys have outstanding brazing properties and wide capabilities. phosphorus is a reducing agent .


Brass brazing alloys are known for their various unique features. Brass brazing alloys are particularly adaptable.


Flux has a major rale in brazing Process. Unsuitable flux or incorrect flux utilization reduces strength of brazed joints.